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Manufactures and distributes passenger and commercial automobiles

Tata Motors Ltd. engages in the business of automobile products consisting of commercial and passenger vehicles, including financing of the vehicles sold by the company.

It also provides engineering and automotive solutions, construction equipment manufacturing, automotive vehicle components manufacturing and supply chain activities, machine tools and factory automation solutions, high-precision tooling and plastic and electronic components for automotive and computer applications, and automotive retailing and service operations.

It operates through the Automotive Operations and Other Operations segments.

The Automotive Operations segment include all activities relating to the development; design; manufacture; assembly; and sale of vehicles, including financing and sale of related parts and accessories.

The Other Operations business segment includes information technology (IT) or IT services, and machine tools and factory automation solutions.

The company was founded on September 1, 1945 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

(Disclaimer: The above chart shown is for study purpose only and not for trading decision)

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